How To Screenshot On Hulu App? [Complete Guide]

Are you very excited to know how to screenshot on Hulu app so here in this guide we mention techniques to take screenshots on various devices while watching your favorite movies on Hulu.

Hulu is a famous streaming platform in which you can watch famous videos. while you watch Hulu content material, you want to take a few screenshots for your personal use or to share with your friend but are not capable of taking screenshots because Hulu isn’t allowed to capture screens due to the copyright of the content.

But there are several methods through which you can take screenshots in the Hulu app like on Windows you can use Print Screen and Snipping Tool and you can also use third-party tools. Let’s take a look at taking screenshots on other devices also.

Does Hulu Allow Screenshots?

No, Hulu doesn’t allow us to take screenshots due to streaming rights so that’s why the Hulu app doesn’t have screenshots options. But don’t worry, some methods are available like by using a third-party app you can take screenshots while watching Hulu and share them with anyone without violating the copyright.

How Do I Take A Screenshot Of Hulu On Chrome?

Hulu doesn’t allow screenshots due to copyright restrictions, but there are some methods to capture screenshots on Chrome. By using Chrome extensions you can enable screen capture on Hulu. Follow these short steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and access the Chrome Web Store.
  • Search for a screen capture extension that works on protected content, like “Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder”.
  • Install the extension, then set it up by following the on-screen directions.
  • Open Hulu on Chrome and play the video you want to capture.
  • Use the screen capture extension to take a screenshot of the video.

How Do I Take A Screenshot On Hulu App While Streaming A Movie?

To capture screen on Hulu application while streaming a movie:

  • Chrome: You may deactivate “hardware Accelerator” in Chrome settings, or you can use the Chrome extension “display Video Recorder”.
  • Windows: Press the “Print display” key on your keyboard or through using the “Snipping device” function to take a screenshot of the display on Windows.
  • Mac: Install a “Video screenshot extension” for your computer to take a screenshot on a Mac.

How To Capture Screen On Hulu iPhone?

Sure, here’s how to take a screenshot on Hulu app using an iPhone and how to use the built-in screen recorder for recording:

To Take A screenshot:

  • Open the Hulu app on your iPhone.
  • Login Hulu and start the show you want to capture.
  • Press the Side button + Volume Up button together.
  • The screenshot will be saved in your device’s photo gallery app.

To Use The Built-In Screen Recorder:

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Tap on the Control Center.
  • Add the Screen Recording option to the Control Center.
  • Swipe down from the top-right nook to get an entry to manage the middle at the same time as looking at Hulu.
  • click on the record button to begin recording.
  • You’ll see a red recording button on the top of the screen click on it to prevent recording.
  • The recorded video will be saved in your Photographs application.

Keep in mind that recording copyrighted content may violate Hulu’s terms of service or copyright laws, so use these features responsibly.

Hulu Screenshot Extension

Some browser extensions are designed to bypass the screenshot limitations on streaming platforms like Hulu, allowing you to capture the screen on Hulu app directly from the video playback. Below mentioned steps help how to use the video screenshot extension for Hulu:

  • Go to your “Chrome Web Store”.
  • Search for a “video screenshot extension” that is compatible with Hulu.
  • Follow the instructions shown on the screen to download the extension.
  • Visit the Hulu website and watch any video you want to capture.
  • For taking a screenshot of the video you can use the Video screenshot extension.

How To Screenshot Hulu On Windows?

take screenshot hulu on windows

Here are the steps for taking a screenshot on Hulu app on Windows using the Snipping Tool and the Print Screen option:

Method 1: Snipping Tool

  • Open the Hulu video you want to screenshot on your Windows.
  • Press the “Windows Key” and search for “Snipping Tool”.
  • Open the Snipping Tool application.
  • Tap on the “New” button at the Snipping device window.
  • choose the content material area of the video to take a screenshot.
  • The capture screen will be shown in the Snipping Tool window.
  • Save the screenshot by means of clicking on “file” and then “save as”.

Method 2: Print Screen Option

  • Open the Hulu video you want to screenshot on your Windows.
  • Make sure the video is in huge-display screen mode.
  • Press the button on your console to capture a screenshot.
  • Open a picture editor (like Paint).
  • Press “Ctrl + V” to put the screen capture.
  • Save the screen capture by going to “Record”>”Save As”.

How To Screenshot Hulu Without Black Screen?

Sometimes you are facing black screen while taking screenshots on Hulu app due to Hulu error 94 or any other type of error. So, there is great news for Hulu users that you can capture Hulu screenshots without facing the black screen. Check out the ways of taking Hulu screenshots:

  • Disable Hardware Acceleration: In your browser settings, turn off hardware acceleration, and then try taking a screenshot.
  • Use The Sandbox Application: Running the browser in a sandboxed environment might bypass the screenshot restriction.
  • Try Browser Extensions: Certain browser extensions claim to allow screenshot capture even on protected content. You can explore available extensions in the Chrome Web Store or similar platforms.
  • Use A Third-Party Application: Some screen recording software or applications might be able to capture video content from your screen, but again, ensure you are not violating Hulu’s terms of service or copyright laws.

How Do You Screenshot On Hulu App Without Black Screen Mac?

To capture screenshots on Hulu app without a black screen on Mac:

  • Press “Command+Shift+3” to capture the entire screen.
  • For a selected portion, press “Command+Shift+4”.
  • The screenshots will be saved on your desktop’s “Recent Items” folder.

By applying these few steps you can successfully take screenshots on Hulu while streaming.

How To Screenshot Hulu On Android?

Hulu has restrictions to capture screenshots due to content protection. But here mentions methods help for taking a screenshot on most Android devices safely:

Method 1: Using Hardware Buttons (For Most Android Devices)

  • On your Android device open the Hulu application.
  • Pick out the content material to take a screenshot.
  • click on and hold the strength and volume Down buttons simultaneously for some seconds.

After following these above steps, you’ll get a message confirming it, and the photo might be stored for your gallery or a special folder for screenshots.

Method 2: Using A Screen Recording App

If the hardware button method is restricted, you can try using a screen recording app. You can record the video while it’s playing on Hulu and then extract frames to get the screenshot. Many screen recording apps are available on the Google Play Store to record or capture screens.

Why Does Hulu Not Allow Screenshots?

Hulu doesn’t allow screenshots because they want to protect their shows and movies from being shared or copied without permission. It helps them follow the rules and agreements they have with the people who make the content.

Is It Legal To Screen Record Hulu?

No, it is not legal to take a screenshot on Hulu app due to copyright and licensing restrictions. Hulu actively prevents users from screen recording to protect copyrighted content.

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