What Is Hulu Error 94? [How To Fix Error 94 Hulu]

Hulu error 94 is a streaming error that occurs when the connection is not working properly between your device and the Hulu server.

The error 94 Hulu happens on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Samsung smart TV, or LG smart TV. Sometimes it is triggered by your internet connection or a problem with device settings.

In this article, we will tell you about the reasons, solutions, and more queries related to this topic. So, keep your eye on this article so that you are informed about Hulu 94 Error.

Why Do I Keep Getting Hulu Error 94?

Getting Hulu Error 94 is common, Hulu error can occur on any device like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox, also Samsung Smart TV & LG TV, etc. There are many reasons why you are getting Hulu 94 errors. Let’s have a look for what reason and why you get an error 94:

Cache Corruption

If you stored data in the cache memory of your system or software and it becomes corrupted, damaged, false data, or useless. Cache works like it accesses the stored data for faster recovery but sometimes it gives issues like power failure, your device hardware problem, bugs, etc. These problems can cause corruption.

Internet Connection Problem

Off and on the internet doesn’t give the proper connection because the bandwidth of the connection becomes up and down. This problem generated issues while streaming any shows & movies.

Outdated Software

If you want to stream on Hulu make sure that you are using updated software. Using outdated software gives various issues like it slows down performance, updated features are missing, Hulu App not playing sound and doesn’t give smooth streaming. So update your software for better improvement and the latest features.

Incompatible Device

Sometimes not all devices are compatible with Hulu and this will create error 94 Hulu. Choose the compatible device for not getting Hulu 94 error.


If you’re using VPN to hide your server location, this is also the reason for getting a Hulu error 94. Because if you want to stream any restricted shows, then VPN can bypass all the restrictions and you can watch Disney Plus in Philippines. Therefore, you have to turn VPN off to prevent error 94 Hulu.

In short, these above are the deepest breach for taking Hulu loading error 94. On above we tell you why Hulu errors arise. So, you can check out other queries to fix all these following obstacles while streaming Hulu.

Can Error Code 94 Hulu Be Fixed?

Yes, Hulu error 94 can be fixed easily. There are various troubleshooting moves that can help you to resolve the Hulu error. You can solved Hulu errors by checking the internet connection, software updation, clearing cache & cookies, and more. After that, if the problem still persists, then you need to contact the Hulu support service team.

How To Fix Error Code 94 Hulu?

Hulu loading error 94 arises when your internet connection is weak, outdated software, and your device not working appropriately. Below are the simple steps to fix your error 94 on Hulu app:

  • Firstly, you need to close and opened Hulu app.
  • Clear the cache and data.
  • Ensure the stability and security of your internet connection.
  • Make sure your software has been updated, and if it hasn’t, do it right now.
  • Sometimes the user doesn’t install Hulu App correctly, in that case, uninstall Hulu app and install it correctly.
  • Using VPN can cause streaming issues such as Hulu error 94. So, if you use one, then try to disable it.
  • You can also uninstall and reinstall the Hulu App on your device.
  • Moreover, you can ask anything with the Hulu support team.

These above are the simple steps to fix Hulu error 94.

How Can I Prevent Hulu App Error 94 From Happening Again?

To prevent error 94 on Hulu from happening again is pretty easy. You can check Hulu connection, avoid data conflict on Hulu App, must know that your device software is updated that fixes all bugs. These will help you to prevent any issues in Hulu App and doesn’t occur any error. 

How To Fix Hulu Loading Error 94 On My Samsung Smart TV?

Fix Hulu Loading Error 94 On My Samsung Smart TV | huluphilippines

With the help of these steps, you are able to resolve error code 94 Hulu on your Samsung smart TV. Below are the steps of Hulu error 94 Samsung TV that you check: 

  • Restart your Samsung smart TV to fix the streaming error. Off and on, shutting down & restarting devices can help apps to work properly.
  • Check your connection is connected properly with Samsung smart TV.
  • Remove the Hulu App cache and data from Samsung TV, it corrupts your device. Just go to Settings>Apps>Hulu>Storage>Clear data.
  • Also, deactivate and reactivate the streaming device. 
  • Moreover, if Hulu not loading on your TV then check your device and Hulu app compatibility.
  • You can also uninstall the Hulu App on your Samsung Smart TV, periodically it helps to solve the issue.

If you tried all these Error 94 Hulu Samsung TV steps, you will not face any issues on your Samsung smart TV. If you still face Hulu error, then you can contact Hulu support.

Is Hulu Error 94 Common?

No, error 94 Hulu is not as common as compared to other streaming errors. Hulu error occurs from time to time, if there is a problem with your device. If your device shows a Hulu error then you need to fix the issue rapidly.

How To Fix Error 94 Hulu Xbox?

By following these instructions, here you can resolve Error 94 on Hulu Xbox:

  • Close the Hulu App, press the Xbox button on your controller, and after that click on the Menu button and select “Quit”. 
  • Remove the App cache of your Xbox, go to “My games & apps”, now select “See all” and pick Hulu. Afterward, tap on Menu>Manage game> Saved data> Clear reserved space.
  • Therefore, restart your Xbox, wait for a while, and then turn it back on.
  • Relaunch the Hulu app and try streaming anything to check that error 94 is fixed.

Try the above steps to fix Hulu error 94 on Xbox, these actions will settle your error 94 Hulu Xbox.

How Can I Correct The Hulu Connection Error?

Fixing Hulu connection error, just need to stable your Hulu server, and make certain your VPN is disabled, also you have a strong internet connection, unplug your router for better streaming or you can try a different streaming device to check that the problem is with a device or with Hulu.

Is There A Way To Avoid Hulu Loading Error 94?

No, Hulu App error 94 can’t be ignored by any user, but Hulu users can reduce the chance of getting it. Keep secure, update device software and restart your device regularly that avoid Hulu error 94 from occurring.

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